That’s it… I’m Quitting… I’m Sick of this Bullshit!



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No, this is not a joke of any kind. I am officially announcing my departure from the hentai scanlating community. Why, you may ask? Is it because my job is getting too stressful to juggle this hobby? My girlfriend found out and doesn’t want me to do this anymore? Have I gotten bored? I honestly wish these were the reasons behind my exit, but the root cause is actually something many of you will probably consider very petty. It’s sheer frustration at what I perceive to be a lack of mutual respect between the various scanlating groups and the impatience of the readership.

This is one of many annoyances I’ve had during my tenure as a scanlator, but I’ve always been able to downplay these feelings for the greater good, providing more quality translations for the community. That is until this recent NaPaTa release by Life4Kaoru,, which effectively drove me over the edge and zapped all of my passion for translating.

I’ve made it very known throughout the community that I planned to translate as many NaPaTa releases as I possibly can. I’ve given news updates about the artist, insights, translated pretty much everything since day one including the interview, and then some. This is not the first time another group decided to jump on NaPaTa either, but considering how evident I was intent on working on this artist, the least anyone could do is send a simple email asking if they can work on it.

I mean, that’s what I do when I see another translator who’s worked almost exclusively or have been translating a series of works by a particular artist. Remember the Gunma retranslation project I did in early 2012? Even though Ryuutama was on hiatus, I still had the decency to ask for his permission before proceeding with my own personal project. It’s small acts like this that helps solidify trust and respect, and this applies to both online and off!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the pleasure of scanners, readers, and even some other scanlators communicating with me when it comes to NaPaTa related material and other stuff, be it news, raws, and other misc. information. But they only represent a very small portion of the community, I feel. The majority, on the other hand either wants things done NOW NOW NOW or wants to get some e-penis added to their rep. Yes, that’s a very general statement and I’m rage typing here.

Anyway, I don’t want to dive into this any deeper than I have to. It’s quite ironic that the artist I absolutely adore and who probably brought me the most recognition as a translator is the same one who’ll be ending my amateur translating career. Thank you Palaxius and Nandeyanen of Life4Kaoru. It’s unfortunate that a group I respected is also ironically the source of my departure as well.

So what does this means in terms of my current projects? All of my requests are effectively cancelled. To those out there who have been waiting patiently for me to translate your goodies, I’m terribly sorry. There are still a few releases pending from my editors, so I will publish them as they become available. For all intent and purposes, I’m closing up shop.

I wish I could’ve ended on a higher note, but this latest event really drove a nail through my heart. Looks like I’ll be going down in history as whiny little bitch. But then again, I’ve always had trouble fitting in with the rest of my peers. Perhaps this is for the best. To everyone who’s been a loyal follower, I thank you for your comments, critiques, and overall support. I’m sorry I can’t provide you more fappage material. And to those few peers who still have my respect, I wish you all the best on your endeavor.

To my editors, no amount of words will ever be enough to express how grateful I am for your support and help. I will miss working with all of you.

To Shadkatz, my one and only donor, you are an unsung hero who has graciously provided me with the means to bring quality scans and translations to the community. I thank you deeply.

To those scanners who were kind enough to provide me with exclusive scans, you are the life blood of the community who also supported me greatly from behind the scenes. You too have my thanks.

Farewell, everyone.

Hazukashii Chibusa Chapter 5: Company House Wife – Youko ~Afternoon Cowgirl Position~ by Ookami Ryousuke


Wow, that title is quite a mouthful. I’m sure that’s what this girl said as she’s sucking her boss’s dick (bad joke, I’m sorry). Anyway, with thanks going to Conan for handling the edits, I present to you a rather illogical chapter about a delusional girl marrying a guy her boss introduced her to just so she can move closer to said boss to have sex with him more. Yeah… about that. More chapters on its way among other things in my workflow. Enjoy!
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Poll (Closed): Your Favorite NaPaTa Girls and Stories?

dontcallmeneechan dontleaveme eversincethen housesitting introvertlittlesister matsuri nextdoorneighbor thepromise thisisveryfrustrating becomingkittycat togetherforever

As some of you know, NaPaTa’s first tank is coming out soon. According to and other online outlets, May 31st. With that in mind, I figured I’d do a little poll to commemorate the event. I find it quite amusing that I stumbled upon this artist after reading one of Nagare Ippon’s NTR stories. Like literally, “This is Very Frustrating” came right after “Bug Chapter 2″ in COMIC Megastore 2011-08. Talk about emotional whiplash :lol: ! One fateful day a month or two after I read NaPaTa’s debut chapters, I decided to translate them, and the rest is history.

According to Akiba Blog, both Wani and Core Magazine chapters are going to be in one book. Kinda rare for this to happen, but I’m certainly not complaining. There will also be 2 bonus chapters featuring the ladies of “House-Sitting” and “Ever Since Then” due to their overwhelming popularity. So tell me, of all the ladies and stories NaPaTa has created, which ones are your favorites? You can pick two for the ladies, but only one for the stories. Poll is opened until May 31st.
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UnLove S by Turtle.Fish.Paint


I’m gonna try something a little different for today’s post. *AHEM*

From the creators of Childhood Destruction ~Big Red Riding Hood and the Little Wolf~ comes a tale of one psychotic bitch’s quest for sexual gratification. She will stop at nothing to achieve her goal, be it with a dog, an octopus, a busty double futanari teacher, two little sisters, a little boy, or even with a robot!

Presented in jaw-droping, erection inducing highres by FUKE, Translator of the Kiss of the Dead Series and House Sitting. Produced by Somebodyelse, Editor of Hitagi Frog and A Vampire’s Act of Blood Sucking.

Cumming to a Hentai site near you! (Or just click the link below)

Content may not be appropriate for children under 18, but that’s not gonna stop them from reading this.
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