Saeko no Shitatari by Brain Dead Aka Eiji

At this point, I should consider renaming my blog into something like “Busujima Saeko Transalation” or something like that because this fictional woman has caused me to translate three pieces of work featuring her out of impulse! I present to everyone a very lovely piece by Eiji. I discovered this doujin quite literally after I uploaded Kyuuseiki Morrigan. Despite being a fan of tentacles, mind-break, gang-bangs, and pretty much most perverse sub-genre of hentai, there’s just something about two individuals having simple, straight passionate sex that really sets me off. After giving this a read, I was compelled once again to share this lovely work to everyone. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

As a side note, the title roughly translates to Saeko’s Drippings which doesn’t sound too romantic given the scenario. I opted to go with Saeko’s Flowing Juices which sounded a little better and it kinda matches the mood a bit. I also spent some extra time cleaning up the raws because, quite frankly, it was really atrocious. Again, hope you guys enjoy Saeko in all her erotic glory!



Saeko no Shitatari by Brain Dead Aka Eiji — 2 Comments

  1. “Busujima Saeko Transalation”?
    I’m totally ok with that (☁´д`☁)
    Thanks for this translation!