Kiss of the Dead by Maidoll aka Fei

I proudly present to you a magnificent High School of the Dead doujin drawn by Maidoll! In my book, this is quite possibly the hottest HOTD doujin ever made, the hottest HOTD doujin to feature Saeko Busujima, the hottest HOTD doujin to feature Saeko Busujima in a naked apron outfit, and the hottest HOTD doujin to feature Saeko Busujima in black, erotic lingerie. If none of those themes pique your interest, then sadly walk away.

I want to give special thanks to Anonymous-Scanner for sharing this wonderful piece to the H-community, and I want to give special thanks to Nashrakh of LWB for getting the original PNG files from Anonymous-Scanner for me to work with. You guys are awesome. Many thanks!

To my knowledge, there is another translated version of this doujin by Yuribou for DM. I believe it was done about a month or two ago. And to my surprise, that version was posted not too long ago on E-hentai. Sad to say, the extra time spent on revising my translation for this piece resulted in my tardy release. Then again, I try to strive for quality over speed (at least I think my quality is decent compared to some).

What took me so long with this doujin was the translation portion. Editing was surprisingly quick considering it’s a 40+page doujin. I was being extremely picky in my word choices throughout this piece since I wanted to convey the story being told through two zombie apocalypse survivors. There is certainly a deep connection that can be felt between the characters in this doujin that can’t be simplified by their urge to fuck each other. No, there is definitely passion, in the sex, in their feelings towards each other, and in their concern for their friends. Ultimately, I wanted to tell a story rather than simply put words to move the plot to the next fuck scene. How successful I was at this endeavor is in the eyes of the fappers, you guys. So, I hope you enjoy my rendition of this doujin.

I have created two version for your viewing pleasure. There is the Hi-res with a resolution of 2128×3015 (PNG) and a Lo-res at 1064X1507 (JPG). The version found on E-Hentai is the Lo-res. Connection stabilized so the Hi-res is now on E-Hentai.

Please note that I’m currently having technical issue with MU, HF, and with my connection in general. I will update with download links as soon as I can. Please view the E-hentai gallery in the meantime. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Links are up with corrections. Thanks to Monster-Girl Lover for pointing them out.





Kiss of the Dead by Maidoll aka Fei — 19 Comments

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  2. « Ultimately, I wanted to tell a story rather than simply put words to move the plot to the next fuck scene. How successful I was at this endeavor is in the eyes of the fappers, you guys. »

    In my opinion, you have very well succeeded, so thank you very much for this !

    I’m two days late in discovering this doujin, I wish I had found it faster, it was indeed BRILLIANT !

    Scenario-wise, it’s definitely the best.

    Graphically, the artist seems he can’t fully adapt his drawing style to the characters (how to say it : he draws Maidoll hentai, not HOTD hentai), so I don’t absolutely love it, but, well, it’s still very good :) – Thank you very much, Fuke !

    • I agree with you. Maidoll does have a tendency to stick to his specific style, but then again, you can use this argument against a few other artists as well. At least the artwork is appealing to the senses, right?

      And thanks for the kind words. I hope I can continue to improve upon my translations for your enjoyment.

    • Some people are really into ultra high quality images. Compared to some things I’ve done for photography, this size is still considered mid-range.

      • That said, it’s true it’s a problem when almost all picture viewers have super crappy downsizing results, creating ugly pictures for the people who want pictures fitted to screen. I can still understand them in a way.

    • There was a time when people wrote the same for 1500 px high pictures, that nobody needs it.

      Epic comment froim wtf.

    • >>1500 is enough

      Could’ve just downloaded the Mid-Res version then, smartass?

      On the other hand, I have seen people complain about 1600 (normal tank scan size) being too fucking small because they look at their stuff on 40″ monitors and have to squint their eyes to see anything.

      Common sense is apparently lost on a lot of people.

      • Ahh, the old days when only 17″ max with a res of 1024 x 768. Ick… I feel old now.

        I personally use irfanview. It’s a nice free program able to resize any image without too much, if any loss in quality.

      • I still use a 15″ TFT with a res of 1024×768 lol.

        Makes editing a bit harder than it needs to be, but I just don’t have the money.

        • Man, how about calling for donations, something like that ? You’d deserve it, and a few donators would be enough to afford a good 1920×1080 (ideally x1200) monitor…

          As for me, I remember the time when I was super-glad to have Super Taboo in a vertical resolution of 900 pixels, even if I had to scroll down to view the bottom of the pics…
          I don’t feel nostalgic in the slightest.

          Look, Nash, seeing all you’ve done, if you call for chipping in, even I would participate. Why not ?

        • Wow, you sound like my friend who’s really good at digital art, but still uses Photoshop 7, a 15″ monitor with the same res, and 2000 computer. His new toy is a tablet which my buddies chipped in for him.

          I second Oliver’s movement to get you better equipment.

  3. I agree that this is one of the best HOTD doujin I’ve read… thanks a LOT for this :D

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