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First my hotfile links, and now my megaupload links. This is quite frustrating and not the good kind either. At least I received another package from Japan to lift my spirits. Since this blog is focused on the more naughty side of life, I’ll be diverting your attention towards my H-goodies for now.

First things first, I have to blame Anonymous Scanner for the three doujins up top. When I was ordering stuff for C80, I set myself a budget and Pooca, even though I was hoping to buy it, didn’t make the cut since I would have gone over. After working on the Mindless Sex, I had the uncontrollable urge to place an order for Pooca’s latest works plus 2 old pieces with my H-manga spending. DAMN YOU ANONYMOUS SCANNER! DAMN YOU!

Anyway, onto the H-mangas. As expected, Amagi Michihito’s latest book (bottom right) is absolutely amazing. Fans of ahegao inducing, stomach bulging, mind-breaking, cum drenching hardcore sex will definitely enjoy this book. As far as I know, only one chapter has been translated using the magazine scans. The chapter in question can be found here translated by Darknight. As I promised last time when I worked on Muchiero, I will work on the next book whenever the raws get posted on the net unless Darknight claims it first. Oh yeah, the book is called Mega Pai.

The next book which is also published under the Comic Unreal banner is Bitch Harem by Somejima. Many, if not all, of the chapters have been translated by various groups with fluctuating quality. I can only assume that someone will re-edit everything once the book is scanned. I know I did one of the chapters which can be found here Not my best translation, but hopefully fappable for everyone.

Next are two books that completely caught me off guard. First, is Bosshi’s latest piece, Radical GoGO Baby. What I had expected is Bosshi’s signature style of sex with ample humor thrown into the mix. A few full color pages and possibly an extra spread (like the one shown below) is all I anticipated. What I received instead is a full color bonanza! From start to finish, 120+ pages of full-color goodness. I highly urge you to buy this book if you’re able to. You’ll certainly get a lot of bang for you buck with this book.

This next book is an impulse buy. When I was purchasing Bosshi’s book above, this book by the artist Shino popped up as a recommendation. I didn’t know anything about this artist, but judging from the cover and the publishing house (Fujimi Comics), I decided to order it as well. The title also peaked my interest, Shino-Jyu. The first surprise, the book was extremely thin. Below, you can see a comparison of this book with another book that’s also 1050 yen. Yes, this tiny book is 1050 yen.

So is the book worth the money? It depends. I’m a fan of artbooks both erotic and clean. I can only assume that this artist does very short pin-up style stories for Fujimi Comics since that’s pretty much the entire book. Each story is about 2-4 pages long. On the plus side, everything is full colored and absolutely gorgeous. In fact, I would have preferred it if they had left out the text and made this strictly an illustration compilation. My only complaint is that this book isn’t printed on larger paper. It would have been nice if Fujimi Comics had given Shino the same treatment Angel Comics did for Inkey on Inbi Temptation. Overall, I consider this book a solid purchase if you’re a fan of pin-up illustrations. I know I don’t regret this impulse purchase.

Size comparison with Inkey’s book. Keep in mind that the dimensions for Shino’s book is the same for many H-mangas. It’s just not as thick. Inkey’s book is the same dimensions for many doujins.

As always, I highly urge everyone to support their favorite artists whenever possible. More money to them means more delicious fap material for us. Oh, if you’re wondering why I was wearing gloves, I finished making dinner before opening up my packages. It felt like I still had some greasy residue on my hands and I didn’t want that on my books.


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    • I have thought about before, but for reasons I don’t remember, I decided against it. Extra work probably…LOL. I’m not too big on jDownloader, so I wouldn’t use it here.

  1. From Japan >=D

    Though honestly, there are a few sites that caters to the west. There’s Jlist for H-mangas, but their stock isn’t always consistent based on my past experience. Then there’s and akibadaisuki for doujins. I sometimes default to these guys when something old is out of stock on Tora or Melon.

    If you’re really adventurous, I can recommend two proxy services. There’s i-TM4u (I use them) and Yokatta Shopping Service (I know someone who uses this). Just keep in mind that importing can be expensive, regardless of who you’re going through to get your goodies. Though it doesn’t hurt to have a friend over there.

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  3. How did you get the Shino-Jyu artbook? Bosshi is easy to find but I can’t find any store selling Shino-Jyu.

    Also, regarding to you last replay, what is Tora or Melon?

    • I buy most of my H-books from and that’s where I got my copy of Shino-Jyu. Tora and Melon is short of Toranoana and Melonbooks respectively. They’re doujin stores located throughout Japan and typically have a good stock of everything. However, once something is sold out, it’s all dependent on the original artist if re-print will become available. Although their online site doesn’t list it, you can buy used doujins at their physical stores.