The Promise by NaPaTa

Hello to all! I present to everyone another cute one-shot by the artist NaPaTa. This particular story deals with a childhood promise that blooms into a slightly misunderstood romance. It’s pretty vanilla in many respects and it does show NaPaTa’s “amateurish” story and dialogue composition. I can’t knock the guy (assuming it’s a he) since he’s new to the biz and I thoroughly enjoy his art regardless. I must say, however, that Yukie has one of the most beautiful pair of tits I have ever seen in a long time. They’re not too small nor too big. They are proportioned, exquisitely shaped, and overall perfect for that supple, delicate body of hers. Absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks goes to Conan for his excellent editing as always and special thanks goes to my friend, “Sakura,” for helping me translate this piece. The raws appeared during Thanksgiving, and since I was staying over my friend’s place after a night of wining and dining, I decided to end the night translating this one-shot. Not particularly a good idea since I was utterly tired from all the food and drinks. Another close friend of mine was also staying over and she happened to know Japanese as well, so I enlisted her help to make sense of the slightly disjointed dialogues and awkward transitions. It was nice to have some female input to make the dialogue sound a bit more romantic than what I can pull on my own. So yes, big thanks to her and to Conan! NaPaTa is also featured in the 2011-12 2012-01 issue of Megastore that went on sale this month, so expect a speedy translation from us when the raws appear.

In order news. I plan to focus on working through my requests through the end of the year. I don’t know how much I can translate, but I will try to do the best that I can on pieces that interest me. In addition to my requests, I’ll be diverting most of my attention to Megapai. Expect the first chapter to come out in two weeks at the latest. Conan is ungodly fast with his edits, so I’m sadly the one holding everything up. Sorry everyone :P .



The Promise by NaPaTa — 8 Comments

    • My mistake on which issue of Megastore is next. I forget that the release dates and the issue dates don’t match up. NaPaTa is indeed featured in in Megastore 2012-01, however, those links provided by that site seems to be bogus. The archives are broken sadly; otherwise, I’d have spent my night translating it at the speed of light!

      Now that I think about it, if NaPaTa keeps up a consistent schedule with both Kairakuten (Wani) and Megastore (Core), that would mean there will be TWO tanks by the end of next year! Hopefully.

    • No, it is not. I’ve heard that claim before, but I have no idea where people get the idea they are the same person. The art style isn’t the same and it’s a bit odd for an artist to have two different blogs if they’re both adult oriented.

      I dont know if you get your info from doujindb, but keep in mind that doujindb’s info is not always accurate. That seems to be the place where most people get their info on artists. I’ve had to debunked a few claims thanks to that site :?

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