Megapai Chapter 2 by Amagi Michihito

Another fantastic chapter from Megapai, brought to you in part by Conan for his excellent editing and Shadkats for his kind-hearted donation. In this chapter, our male lead becomes intrigued by a mysterious girl who happens to be stalking him. Curiosity takes the better of him and he playfully ambushes her in order to strike a conversation. Little did he know that she’s a grim reaper after his life! Despite my ambiguous description, this story is actually pretty cute. Probably the last “normal” chapter for the rest of the book.

I’ll be taking a break after Christmas leading into the new year. I’ve handed some scripts over to Conan and Blitz to work on, so I’ll be releasing those translations during my brief hiatus as they finish. Until then, please look forward to more “quality” translations in 2012!



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