Beloved Wife Diary by Inkey

Hello everyone! I present to you a short, full-colored Dragon Quest doujin featuring a very busty Bianca giving her hubby some sexy love. As expected of Inkey, this book delivers some fantastic artwork to help with your fapping needs. My thanks goes to Conan for his excellent editing skills as usual. Please jump over to his blog and give him some love too. Maybe even a puff puff service while you’re at it ;-) .

This is one of the strangest projects I decided to do for a few reasons.

1) The raws used for the translation is my own personal copy of the doujin.
2) The raws used for the edits is the Korean translation HERE.
3) The cover is re-scanned using my copy of the doujin.

So yea, a bit of a mish mash to produce this book. I really like Inkey’s work and since sharing is caring, I decided to give this piece a translation despite not having a scanned Japanese raw for us to use. Rest assured, this is a proper Jap->Eng. Sort of an advantage of owning the physical book. Enjoy!



Beloved Wife Diary by Inkey — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Fuke for allowing your own copy to be used, thank you for the translation and to Conan for the editing. Inkey + happy sex = winning all the time.

  2. So puf puf service is paizuri? I would never imagine. Many thanx Fuke and Conan. Lovely story.