Aerial Maiden by Denkichi aka Bakuretsu Fusen

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my first Evangelion translation and my first project with Psyburn21 from Funeral of Smiles who has graciously volunteered to help out as an editor. Here we have a partially colored doujin featuring Mari and Shinji having some spectacular anal sex. I never would have guessed that Shinji was an assman, but Denkichi-sensei saw something I didn’t and produced something fap worthy for all of us to enjoy. Look forward to more projects between Psyburn21 and myself in the near future!

Requested by Psyburn21 himself, I found this doujin to be a bit difficult to translate not because I didn’t understand a line or couldn’t convert it into English, but because the lines written by the artist were quite repetitive. I tried my best to vary the dialogue so it didn’t get too boring for you guys to fap to, but in the end, it still feels a bit stiff for me. Hopefully, you guys still find it enjoyable.



Aerial Maiden by Denkichi aka Bakuretsu Fusen — 8 Comments

  1. When drawn by Denkichi, everybody’s an assman, which satisfies me greatly, for I am an assman myself. There be good stuff here. Thanks a lot, FUKE and Psyburn.

    • I lol’d. But it’s okay. I won’t deny the correlation in regards to myself. I do have an unhealthy appetite for girls getting fucked in da butt in manga and doujins, after all lol.

  2. I do enjoy butts, but I crazy as it sounds, I don’t enjoy watching anal sex in hentai or porn =O. But this is by Denkichi and has Mari in it so I must read this one! Thank you FUKE for the TL and Psyburn21 for the editing.