Remember You by Kobayashi Yutaka

First off, I’d like to wish Conan a very happy birthday! That’s right folks, today is the joyous day of birth for one of the community’s most talented and highly esteemed editors. To celebrate this occasion, the two of us have joined forces once again to bring you guys another beautiful full-colored one shot by the famed artist, Kobayashi Yutaka. A fair bit of warning, this piece is quite possibly the most degrading translation we’ve worked on yet.

Yes, I know I’ve worked on plenty of hardcore stories that treat women like livestock. However, there’s just something about this piece that rubbed me the wrong way (or the right way since I translated it for you guys). A very odd way to celebrate a happy event, no? I wouldn’t have it any other way… MWAHAHAHAHAHA :twisted: .

Here, we have a story about a woman who can’t get over her first love. Apparently, he’s the only one able to sexually satisfy her and then some. She will do anything to be by his side, even if it means that she degrades herself into being his own personal cum dump. Some women just love being treated like crap. This is one of them. Enjoy! Oh, don’t forget to pay Conan a visit too!



Remember You by Kobayashi Yutaka — 6 Comments

  1. Many thanks Fuke and Conan. Yes, I read worse than this. It’s totally unplausible how a guy can utter such wordy phrases mid-sex. Does he prepare his lines in advance?
    Perhaps I’ve been desensitized by hanging out too much at LWB, but the thing I find most unsettling is that you put the author’s name as Yutaka when the furigana in the first page says Youkou. The same also in your previous release, and that time it was in romaji…

    • This is one of those situations that I will get flak for no matter what I do. I’m fully aware that the artist probably wants her (even this is an assumption) name to be pronounced as Youkou, but it’s been established within the community that her name is Yutaka or even Yoshitaka for whatever reason. Well technically, it’s how’d you read the characters as is, but the Japanese do have the notoriety of having tricky names when it comes to using kanji.

      I made the judgement call to have it Yutaka since most people are more familiar with that name. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but it is what it is. I also made the call to have this chapter titled as “Remember You” even though the title “忘れられない貴方” (Wasurerarenai Anata)is more accurately translated as “You who I Cannot Forget.” I’m sure there are going to be purists out there who’ll complain that I went with the English on the cover as oppose to the more literal translation. Hell, some people get upset that I translate the title at all.

      In the end, I’ll just apologize right here and now since I will continue to disappoint you with my decision regarding this artist’s name. It’s unfortunate that I can’t please everyone, but I have to accept that fact.

      • Sorry, forgot to put a smiley in my post so the tone ended up sounding harsher than intended.
        There are some authors that change their mind every other year on how their names should be transliterated, so picking a romanization and sticking with it definitely makes sense, even at the cost of going against the wishes of the author. As long as you’re doing it on purpose I’m fine either way.