Megapai Chapter 9: by Amagi Michihito

This chapter is probably my favorite overall for this book. Why? TENTACLES! Ginormous, writhing tentacles violating two voluptuously sexy school girls when a summoning goes horribly wrong! Wow, that sounded like a really bad porn flick pitch… Either way, with thanks to Conan for his awesome editing and Shadkats for the scanning donation, I present to everyone chapter 9 of Megapai. That means there’s one more chapter to go! Until then, fap away my brethren to this extremely hot chapter!



Megapai Chapter 9: by Amagi Michihito — 4 Comments

  1. “Two voluptuously sexy school girls”

    I wouldn’t have my schoolgirls any other way… Well, take that back. I just prefer them plump/voluptuous, and Amagi Michihito satisfies that criteria quite well. Thanks a lot again, Fuke and Conan. Can’t wait to archive this book.