Nemusan! by Shuz aka Othello Ice

My fourth and final touhou release for the day, brought to you once more by the kind scanner Tsurupettan who also asked me to provide a translation. Thankfully not sniped by CGRascal, I’m proud to present to you a sweet futanari doujin featuring Shou Toramaru and Byakuren Hijiri. It’s cute, it’s funny, and the art is quite pretty. What more do you need for a nice fap session? Though I guess the prequel to this doujin would be nice too :roll: . Again, special thanks goes out to Conan for his wonderful speedy edits.



Nemusan! by Shuz aka Othello Ice — 2 Comments

  1. Hey, great release. Been trying to find more stuff from Othello Ice / Shuz since I’ve seen this but haven’t really found much.

    Just sayin’ that I appreciate the release, and if possible I’d like to look forward to more :)