Please Help Yourself, Master! 7 by Fei (Maidoll)


After the last “tragic” release, I bet some of you are hankering for some good, vanilla lovin’ action, aren’t cha? Brought to you in part by the editing guru, Conan, I am pleased to present to you the next chapter of Fei’s highly popular commercial series, Please Help Yourself, Master! Sadly, the story doesn’t continue with another epic threesome like before. Instead, we’re treated to a much more intimate scenario involving our lucky male bastard protagonist nursing Busujima Saeko his maid, Risa, back to health. By nursing, I mean giving her a good dicking :lol: . Enjoy!

*EDIT* Gah… I screwed up my galleries and uploads again. Missing pages. Thanks to Psyburn21 for pointing that out. I think it’s time for me to take a mini break :oops: .

Ch.7 Sendspace (version 3)
Ch.1-7 Sendspace (Version 3)


Please Help Yourself, Master! 7 by Fei (Maidoll) — 6 Comments

    • Ugh… One of my worst release debacle ever. Real life is starting to take its toll on me.